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Welcome to Year 5!

We are a fabulous class, who love to learn. 

Mrs Watson, our Assistant Headteacher, is the class teacher. Mrs Milner and Mrs Potts also work in our class.

Our PE lessons are usually on Monday and Wednesday but please bring your kit every day. 

Our Amazing Work

Listen and watch our fabulous work.

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Don't forget to have a go at the daily White Rose Maths lessons. There are videos to watch and then a sheet to have a go at. Click on White Rose Maths and it will take you to the lessons. 
Mental Health

Here is some information to help with your child's mental health.


Here is a link to a seven minute workout! It's really good for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmq5zZfmIws&safe=true

Continuing the Leader in Me journey.
As a family look at some of the resources or allow the children to access the cartoons, resources and other information to help support their journey.
Parent Guide to Black Lives Matter
Our Class Mission

Below are weekly schedules should you want more structure and variety of tasks including Maths, Spelling, Writing, Reading and Projects. They can be done in any order, have links to websites and online platforms and follow a theme. Children will have their logins to access each website where required or contact school for them.


Click on the  links below to access 'Inside The Factory' and some more ideas. 

For our topic on "Where does our food come from?", you can use the sheets to find out about Fair Trade. Make some notes about it on the sheet then design your own leaflet. You could use publisher if you like.

You could also watch another "Inside the Factory"

Inside the Factory 1

Inside the Factory 2


Learn Spanish from home!
Rosetta Stone are giving free access to their langauge courses for three months.
Why not learn Spanish alongside your children?


We are supposed to be making our own bread in DT but you can always try at home. 

Follow the link below -

How to make home made bread


Our topic is Reconciliation. Could you interview someone who has done their reconciliation? It could be a friend, parents, family member, brother or sister. Do a poster to explain what Reconciliation is. You could design it on the computer. Make up your own parable of the Lost Son - a modern version. Complete the victim/offender sheet. How do our actions affect others?


Our Science topic is Changing Materials. Have a look at the knowledge organiser to see what you need to learn. Have a go at dissolving some materials at home (with permission) or do some cooking to look at irreversible changes.

Active Learning: The following websites have high energy, and mindfulness/yoga activities.  Plus healthy eating content.




Personal challenge tasks/ Active Play/ Get Set Ride resources


Physical literacy


High energy videos:

https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv  (Joe Wicks Daily PE videos)

- www.jumpstartjonny.co.uk 

Active Maths:

- www.tagtiv8.com/move-learn-home/ 

Activities for all ages and abilities:


Active at Home


You can practise some of the text types that we have done in class. 
Here are some ideas:

- balanced argument - Should homework be banned?

- persuasive letter to the world about using less plastic

- newspaper article about the current situation

- Use Pobble365 to write descriptions about the scene. You could make your own sentence stacking ideas. Pobble 365

- Write you own version of "The Journey"

-  Literacy shed - Some great short films that you could write about.

Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets have kindly put together a pack of activities for you.

Super Maths

Have a go at these Maths activities. There are some arithmetic half tests and some knowledge mats. You could also go on Mathletics, Rockstars or play some of Mrs Watson's card games. Your children will be able to teach you. Ideas include - timestable snap, number bond snap, improper fractions to mixed numbers, multiplying fractions or just be creative.

Reading Activities

Have a go at these comprehension activities. For an extension activity, why not find out about the different topics. Make sure you are reading at least a book a week, if not more.

Science - Changing Materials

We have been looking at how different materials dissolve.

UK Youth Parliament

Please support Lois, who is the big sister of one of Year 5's wonderful pupils, in her bid to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament. Visit the survey to vote for her! Good luck, Lois. We are very proud of you!

World Book Day

We had a great day, sharing our stories with Year 1 and Year 2. Thanks to all our families for helping us get our costumes ready.

Our wonderful residential!

Have a look at some of our pictures from our recent visit to Herd Farm. We had a brilliant time.

RE Drama

We did some great work in groups to recreate the parable of the Two Houses.

The Promise

Using the story, The Promise, we wrote our own versions of this amazing book. Have a look!


To begin our new topic, we have been trying to put together the Tudor family tree. It does get a bit complicated!

UK Projects

Have a look at our brilliant UK projects. Nicky has even created his own website. Have a look at it, following the link. http://nix-uk-project.s3-website.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com

Science - Forces

We have been using Newton meters to measure the size of forces.

Armistice Runner Poetry

Have a look at our amazing poems.


For our art work, linked to Space, we worked in pairs to create our own orreries.

Wonderful Space Projects

Have a look at our truly amazing space projects. Thank you to all the grown ups, who helped to make them.

Art Work

We have been making poppies in class, using recyclable materials.

Geography - Making Globes

To improve our knowledge of the globe, we made our own globes, using balloons. We had to locate the continents and major oceans.

RE - Creation

We are enjoying finding out about God's Creation. We have been writing letters of application to be stewards of the earth, taking part in drama activities and enjoying looking around God's Creation.

Leader in Me

Have a look at the presentation below to find out more about the 7 habits of effective learning.

Team Work Skills

We are working hard to build our team work skills in Year 5. We have done a range of activities, including drama and art to look at how we put our 7 habits into place.

Roald Dahl Day

We had a fantastic day, celebrating Roald Dahl day. We made delicious chocolate mouse truffle and did a great experiment to see which substances created the biggest reaction. Have a look!

Practical Maths

Year 5 have been using our concrete materials to help us with our Maths.