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We intend to prepare our children to have a love of learning for life, making them independent thinkers who can work collaboratively and value differences. We aim for them to have a meaningful future that is purposeful and contributes to society through educational enterprise, with Christ at the Centre.

Our objective is to ensure that children receive a wide range of learning opportunities that will incorporate knowledge, skill and a desire to want to know more, enabling them to develop into flourishing individuals with strong roots that define character.

We know that reading is a powerful tool therefore we will promote opportunities and inspire them to keep learning, and develop in them a love for reading and hearing stories being read.

We believe our children have the right to a rich curriculum and a strong sense of faith that prepares them for the decisions they make in the future. We want them to be informed through practical wisdom, that influences the choices they make for themselves. And provide the children in our care with a curriculum that enlightens them to possibilities beyond their immediate experiences.