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What is a Learning Mentor?

Learning Mentors can help pupils make the most of school life, breaking down barriers to learning. For the child, they are someone supportive to talk to, share successes or disappointments with and who can help with practical difficulties or worries. In any one day a learning mentor may be helping children with their learning, with friendship issues, anger management issues, liaising with teachers, supporting behaviour management strategies and developing  positive relationships with families.  Our Learning Mentor is Mrs Harrington.

Learning Mentors can help your child to:

Express their views.
Raise self-esteem and confidence. Manage pressures and difficult times in their lives.
Encourage them to achieve.
Support them in developing friendships.
Learn about their social and emotional
skills and how to improve these.

I can give a helping hand with a wide range of difficulties:
Settling into a new school
Friendship issues, playtimes difficulties
Changes in home life
The loss of a loved one
Coping with illness
Any form of bullying (including cyber bullying)
Controlling emotions
 Social skills
Self-esteem or confidence issues
Transition to High School

Some comments from pupils about The Learning Mentor Programmes:

“It helped me to be strong and put my hand up more.”
“It helped me not to shout out.”
“I could sort out why I was angry.”
“I could talk to someone who understood my feelings.”
“It helped me believe in me.”
“It helped me learn new skills, listening and concentrating.”
“I made new friends and its fun.”
“It made me feel brave enough to talk.”