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Our Enrichment Opportunities

A list of activities which demonstrate how our curriculum is implemented for every year group to access throughout the year, beyond the classroom for enrichment and cultural capital.

Take Over Day

The Year 5 and 6 children are in charge today! Yes, the Headteachers put their feet up! The pupils are interviewed for the role of the senior leadership team and together with teachers, cleaners, admin staff and many more the children run the school for a whole day. Tasks involve teaching classes, sorting emails, writing newsletters and delivering a whole school act of worship.

Space Week

That's right - the week the aliens landed! All the classes investigated the situation using their journalist and detective skills. There was a lot to find out about the wonderful world of space!

Beyond the Classroom

The children at Holy Name love being outside, so are constantly looking for reasons to be outside! There is so much to to be had and trees to be planted! And sometimes, we bring the outside, inside...check out those amazing birds.