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Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page! 
We are a fantastic class who are taught by Mr Stewardson and Mrs Milner. 

You'll be able to see lots of things we do on Twitter and on this web page so keep checking.

Mental Health

Here is some useful information to help with your child's mental health.

parent's guide to black lives matter

Here is a document that may help you discuss the black lives matter movement.

Daily maths lesson. 
Watch the video and complete the activity sheet. 

Continuing the Leader in Me journey.
As a family look at some of the resources or allow the children to access the cartoons, resources and other information to help support their journey.
Active Learning: The following websites have high energy, and mindfulness/yoga activities.  Plus healthy eating content.




Personal challenge tasks/ Active Play/ Get Set Ride resources


Physical literacy


High energy videos:

https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv  (Joe Wicks Daily PE videos)

- www.jumpstartjonny.co.uk 

Active Maths:

- www.tagtiv8.com/move-learn-home/ 

Activities for all ages and abilities:


Active at Home

Below are weekly schedules should you want more structure and variety of tasks including Maths, Spelling, Writing, Reading and Projects. They can be done in any order, have links to websites and online platforms and follow a theme. Children will have their logins to access each website where required or contact school for them.

Learn Spanish from home!
Rosetta Stone are giving free access to their langauge courses for three months.
Why not learn Spanish alongside your children?

We investigated different states of matter in the hall.

Roald Dahl Day

We had a great time during Roald Dahl day.

Roman Numerals

We have used straws to create Roman Numerals.

Maths equipment

The children used our equipment to help with rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.


Autumn homework week 2 and 3

Year 4 Mission Statement Autumn 1